Powder Coating

    We offer powder coating on a wide variety of products for both industries and individuals. More Info.

Custom Cosmetic Finishes

   - Weld Grinding and sanding on any material for professional results

   - Sandblasting with a variety of medias and grits can create a wide range of finishes on most any               material including plastic. From lightly frosted which on plastic can allow light through to heavily             pitted on metal creating shine and sparkle

   - Dozens of tools both industrial and custom along with a skilled and trained staff are capable of               creating nearly any finish you need to achieve 

Liquid Painting

   - We offer a wide selection of paints to cover all your needs

Tumble Deburring

    - 7 Vibratory bowls of various sizes to handle any job, large or small

    - Specialized media and cleaners to deburr, burnish, clean or descale any material

    - Unique media and techniques used to create custom looks and finishes 

      Normal turnaround is 3-4 days

Sand and Glass Bead Blasting

    - 2 Automatic blasters for large volume work

    - 4 manual blasters for larger or more delicate pieces

    - Glass bead peening

Cerakote Hi-Temp & Gun Coatings

    More Info.

    We also offer Cerakote coatings for finishes that require a high temperature finish, such a exhausts     and engine components. These coatings prevent corrosion, increase durability and provide     thermal insulation. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. All of these products can     withstand temperatures in excess of 1200°F and select coatings can withstand temperatures higher     than 2100°F. 

    Call for more information on Cerakote

Secondary Operations

  - D/A Sanding
  - Hand Deburring
  - Sorting and Inspection
  - Parts Washing
  - Disassembly and Cleaning
  - Light Assembly
  - Clear Iridite/Yellow Chromate

Prices quoted over the phone will be ball park figures. We will usually need to see the part to get a clearer picture of what it entails. This includes condition and how much masking it might require.

Prices quoted through E-mail and over the phone are only good for that day and may change over time.

While we work very hard to get your job done within your time frame we do jobs in the order they were received. Normal turn around is 7-10 working days. During busy periods this time may extend to 15 days. Additional charges may apply for "rush" work.

We cannot be held responsible for finished parts left in our shop past 30 days. 

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